Professional Photography

How your product is captured reflects not only the features and style of your product but also your brand’s personality and values. This is why your brand’s commercial photography is more important than capturing the right light on a dress. Instead, it is the whole story a photograph can tell. We meticulously plan the light, colour, props, model choice, positioning and more to tell your brand’s story.


How We Stand Out

We let you dictate how much involvement you have in your commercial photography campaign. Whether you choose to drop off your product with a brief or if you want to come in and soak up the atmosphere. At Design Identity, we are truly a one-stop shop. We take the stress and effort out of your product photography from models, props, photography to editing we do it all.

Model shoot shown on monitor

Commercial Photography Our Way

Our team of professional photographers and stylists work together to design and capture commercial photography. No matter what the product, brand or occasion. From complete campaigns, Ghost Mannequin, Flat Lays to headshots our team treats every project like their own. We shoot in our state of the art studio or on location! You choose!




Simply send us your products by mail or drop them off and leave the design process to our experience and competent team. From start to finish all stages of the commercial photography process are complete in-house at our specialized studio.



From choosing the model, steaming clothing, setting up backgrounds, lighting, sourcing props and in some cases choosing local location settings. We carefully plan and meticulously piece together every detail to form your products masterpiece.



When using model’s, we style hair & makeup, direct model positioning, and placement. When completing a product shoot, we arrange the product display and prop placement depending on the shoot, product and photography service.



Our experienced photographer will adjust lighting and comprehensively cover a range of angles, close and long-range shots to ensure the shoot will produce many options to be edited and viewed during post-production.



The process of re-touching to alter lighting, shadows to accentuate or remove the appearance of tattoos, creases, the shimmer of jewellery. Dependent on the brand or product function and target market.



At Design Identity we guarantee a one-week turnaround time, we deliver images in the same file type and template of your existing images leaving you to just upload the image to your website, EDM, online catalogue, etc.