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Unwrapping Stop Motion Animation GIFs

BTS of Design Identity’s Christmas Greeting GIF

GIF, also known as Graphics Interchange Format is a popular way to promote your products, it pushes the boundaries of what a single image can do. Having a gif in your website or your email can make them more appealing and also delight your customers. Since the cadence of GIFs is usually not as smooth as a video, stop motion is a creative idea to work with the frame by frame moving animation, giving it a fun and engaging way to showcase your products.


How we do it


Design Identity has created a wonderful example of a stop motion gif for this coming Christmas, a gift wrapping animation with the colourful objects that really gives off a festive vibe and captures your attention.

First of all, we set up the shoot by placing a backdrop with coloured papers that seamlessly lay flat on the surface or hung on the background. Afterwards, we lock down the position of the camera and some flat light, then we can start building the set. We placed the handbag close to the camera and have the other objects on the side ready to enter the scene later on.

We make sure the camera settings are on manual mode to keep each photo consistent and to also lock down the focus. Then we shoot the scenes by moving the key subject, which is the handbag, a few inches back by each frame, which slowly opening up the bag to create an effect of zooming out of the scene. Then pull the gift wrapper up and take a sequence of photos of tying the ribbon. You can edit out the hand by post-production to have the appearance of ghost photography, continue the rest of the photo-taking by introducing and moving each object to create the background.


Finally, we put together the animation by importing the photos to a folder and opening in Photoshop as a sequence. Adding each of the scenes to the Timeline and adjusting their duration, then export it as a GIF and setting the loop options to forever. Voila! We have made an animated gif, and with some patience and creativity, the possibilities are endless.


GIFs are simple and engaging, they can also be more affordable than making a whole video. Social media like Instagram and Facebook certainly embrace this unique mix between an image and a video. If you don’t want the trouble to make one on your own, Design Identity can certainly develop GIFs to assist you in making your business stand out.


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