Get the attention you deserve

Say more and captivate your audience by adding some pizzazz to your images. Improve your brands visibility with high-quality animated gifs produced by one of Sydney’s leading Digital Advertising agencies.


Hassle-free end to end production

Provide us the product and we’ll do the rest! Whether you have a specific vision in mind or want our talented creative team to take the reins, we ensure all of our work is produced to an exceptional standard that is specifically tailored to every client.

Model shoot shown on monitor

We specialise in

  • Womenswear • Menswear
  • Kids • Sport
  • Lingerie • Swimwear
  • Beauty • Accessories
  • Jewellery • Shoes
  • Bags • Model Lookbook
  • Catalogue • eCommerce




Simply send us your products by mail or drop them off and leave the creative process to our experienced team. From start to finish, all stages of the animation process are completed in-house at our specialist studio.



The artistic vision for your brand starts to unfold at the planning stage, with deliberation as to how to best communicate your brands message. This includes consideration of lighting, props, overall tone and many more factors that go into successfully bringing your products to life.



The products are arranged to best maximise the combined creative vision of your brand and our skilful team as well as optimise the animation process to ensure we provide you with a fast turnaround time.



Our talented photographers and studio team will meticulously shoot high quality images and delicately manoeuvre your products. We capture the best of your brand so that we can bring it to life.



It’s alive! Our experienced digital team will carefully retouch any imperfections to keep your products looking perfect and stitch together the images to produce a final result that is unique to your brand.



At Design Identity we guarantee a one-week turnaround time, animations are delivered as GIFs to allow for a seamless experience when it comes to uploading the image to your website, EDM, online catalogue and more.