The Future of Fashion Advertising

The fashion industry has been evolving for centuries – from the hippie phase to the punk phase to the denim phase, etc. Fashion is art and trends have been evolving in the fast-paced world full of technology and innovation. Consumerism has risen due to more accessibility to different markets around the world with more brands being introduced to the market every day. Today we are going to explore the trends of fashion advertising and consumerism. 


Cultural diversity, body diversity and sexual orientation diversity have been increasing in our pop culture and advertising, as a result of us celebrating unity, differences, diversity, and authenticity. According to ELLE magazine, “Fall ad campaigns were markedly more diverse than previous seasons and, for the first time, the number of nonwhite models cast, exceeded 30 per cent.” Brands have been choosing models to ensure they have diversity as it will engage and create a relationship with the consumer. Also, it allows the consumer to relate to the campaign and feel included – thus, this may increase sales and brand awareness.

Minimalistic Advertising Photography 

The digital age is taking over advertisements. Magazine and print advertisements have been decreasing due to technological innovation. Due to a shift in advertising methods – graphic artists believe that the new way of advertising showed revolve around the concept of ‘less is more’. Minimalism has been on-trend for the past few years, graphic designers believe that using a logo + imaging is more effective than using lengthy sentencing in advertising. The ongoing trend is that adverts are becoming more clean, plain and simplistic. For Design Identity’s Advertising Photography, the creative team is versatile and aims to exceed the client’s expectations. Due to their strong eye for detail, they never fail to give high-quality service to their clients and ensure that their advertisement communicates clearly to the consumer whilst having a visually pleasing appeal. 

E-commerce videography

This is not a trend in advertising, however, this is a trend in eCommerce that gains interest from the consumer to buy the accessory or clothing. By revealing the product or clothing in motion through a video, allows the consumer to see the product from different angles, get a close-up vision of the garment, see the functionality of the product and trust in its quality. Thus, by implementing an eCommerce catwalk video to showcase the product it would make your eCommerce website stand out from its competitors and engage with the customer. Design Identity offers this competitive edge for their clients to stand out and be successful.

Video lookbooks 

Instead of having advertisement campaigns, some brands are shifting, making short films that showcase their clothes for that season. These short films would have a specific theme to complement the clothes and accessories. Video lookbooks are becoming popular over Instagram and youtube. Lookbooks allow the consumer to see the clothes in motion and see it being worn in an everyday lifestyle setting, which engages with the audience and enhances their interest in the product. In addition, the video lookbooks give the consumer guidance of what to wear with the product and how to style it for different occasions. Through this, it further persuades the consumer to buy clothes or accessories. Communicate this to your consumer in a professional manner by collaborating with Design Identity’s creative team as they have the extensive experience and demonstrate the qualities to produce a high-end look book for your brand to shine past your competitors. 

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