Styled Flat Lay: what is it and how does it work?

Styled flat lay photography

Styled flat lay photography

Enhance your product layout by creating a styled flat lay by utilising backgrounds and props to truly express your brand and product’s personality. Product positioning and styling in flat lay photography can be the difference between the degree of your product’s penetration into its target market.

  1. Select your product
    Whether it is apparel, a beauty product, sports equipment, fashion accessory or a style of headphones styled flat lay product photography is versatile to suit any product big or small.
  1. Choose a background
    This is the first significant difference between a standard flat lay and a styled flat lay. A standard flat lay is usually published with a plain white background, whereas with styled flat lay photography there are limitless options for you to choose. From patterned, textured, bright or faded colours, as long as it reflects your brand or product personality and makes it stand out.
  1. Add props and set lighting
    To make your products stand out and at the same time reflect your products function and your brand’s identity. A team of stylists and photographers would work together to perfect the lighting, spacing, and prop choice.
  1. Capture the image
    Take plenty of photos, from a variety of angles and with different flat lay layouts, this way your product will be sure to be captured at its best.
  1. Edit and re-touch
    This is the technical part. Editing and re-touching images are more than adding a filter or increasing the contrast. Experienced re-touchers go through deep-etching, colour correcting, manipulating and more. To make the product look realistic and showcasing and highlighting the features that make your product unique and distinguished.
  1. Publish
    Your styled flat lay is now ready to be launched on social media (flatlays instagram, facebook etc.), online store, brochures and lookbooks and make your product stand out and attract your product target market.

Interested in showcasing your projects in a styled flat lay format?
Simply send your product by mail or drop off and leave it to us. Our creative team conducts all flat lay photography including makeup flat lay and flat lay food photography in our studio for a various high-end fashion and lifestyle brands. We take care of the styling, background, lighting, and retouching. We can quickly match lighting and background to current site templates or to your specific request allowing you to focus back on your business.

Contact us here for more information.

Also, take a sneak peek at how we construct our styled flat lay shoots in our latest brochure.

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