Equestrian Photography: A Day in Centennial Park

At Design Identity we capture your products to reflect not only the features and styles but also the brand’s personality and values. That’s why we decided there wasn’t a better way to celebrate Trieste identity than with a ride in beautiful centennial park.

Design Identity is Sydney’s leading creative advertising agency. We relish our relationships with every one of our clients, as we recently did with Trieste. As a result, our professional photography team captured the brand’s beautiful products.

Equestrian Photography: a day in Centennial Park


Trieste creates equestrian products made with super soft leather of high quality. They asked us to exalt the shape of their bridles that removes pressure from the horse, making it much more comfortable. This brand is known for its simplicity, beauty, and quality, so we transferred the same features to our shoot.


Our team carefully collaborated to promote a brand’s identity and values. By focusing on every detail we formed a photography masterpiece, with the equestrian theme at center stage.

When preparing for the photoshoot we hired models who would perfectly showcase the product; we also chose make-up, equitation style, and outfits. Our team understands the importance of having a perfect background and lighting. We, therefore, eventually picked the stable as the most representative location, and we used the horse and the pads to promote. All of these elements together shaped our equestrian aesthetic. We meticulously thought about everything to strive on excellence our work, and to creatively promote Trieste’s quality.


It was important for us that the environment around the photography reflected the features of the brand. We achieved this by using stables as our location. The photoshoot took place in The Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre, one of the world’s great urban equestrian assets.

Set within Moore Park, the site blends a sense of history and tradition. Thus, creating a timeless atmosphere which perfectly reflects Trieste product design. With almost 31 million visitors a year, this place is the ‘green lungs’ of Sydney, and one of Australia’s most popular and historic public parklands. A site that is as unique as all the locations we source out for our clients.


Our experienced team always adjust lighting and comprehensively cover a range of angles, close and long-range shots. Consequently, the photoshoot produces many options to be edited during the post-production process. Retouching affects lighting shadows to accentuate or remove the appearance dependent on the brand or product function and target market. For Trieste, the post-production filters and lights confer to the photo the style that perfectly reflects the brand aesthetic.

Equestrian Photography: a day in Centennial Park

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