Corporate Headshot Photography with SCIS Group

This week we have an opportunity to work with SCIS group – a young, modern Australian family-owned property business.

With understanding the look and feel the client’s want, we brief thru the preparation with our professional photography team and client. The trick to keep the portrait shot last longer is simply avoiding all the main trend if possible. So that you don’t need to reshoot your portrait for another few years.

With all the guidance in mind, we have set up the shot at our open-plan photography studio at Alexandria.

Most people having their portrait taken will understandably feel nervous. What we do here is try to create a warm and welcoming environment for every client to loose up and feel just like home.

During the shot, we clearly guide them to show off their best side and offer an alternative shot for selection like different posture and smiles. All these little details are essential as it’s sending the customers a different message. Is it going to be very professional or creative and fun? There is no wrong or right way about this. What we want is giving the best portrait to best represent their company value or matching their brand.


Thinking about having a professional headshot in your careerOur professional headshots create a personal brand of who you are. It is your introduction and first impression for recruiters and prospects alike. At Design Identity Studio our team works seamlessly using digital technology to create a professional grading image that aligns with your brand, whether it be personal, professional or both.

If you love our work, feel free to contact us and book a photoshoot with us today!

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