Why Your Website Should Be Responsive.

First things first. What is a responsive website you may ask? A responsive website is one that has been designed to adapt and be readily accessible to all devices. No matter if you are using a Desktop Computer, A Mobile Phone, Tablet or TV. Most people will have come across a non-responsive website, but how can you tell? Think about the website that when you try to access a website on your mobile or tablet and you struggle to click on links, navigate through the website menu having to zoom in and out or seeing overlapping texts and images.
These are all classic signs of an un-responsive website in all its glory.
Apart from the downright inconvenience and annoyance an un-responsive website brings, responsive web design comes with many benefits including;

Accessible Anywhere and Anytime.
Keeps up with the rise of the mobile and tablet era by allowing consumers to access your website from wherever they may be.

Keeps potential customers online longer.
By improving your websites user experience.

Boosts Social Sharing.
A responsive website that you can access across all devices is more likely to be shared via social media or message streams which help to increase your brand’s exposure.

Improves SEO rankings.
Responsive sites improve SEO rankings as they provide the consumer with a better user experience.

Apart from the obvious being, there are more ways for consumers to view and purchase on various devices while being attractive and easy to use.
At Design Identity, all of our website designs are responsive. Not only are our websites easy to use but they also incorporate your brand’s personality, style, and target market as well as looking damn good!
Take a look at our website portfolio or contact us now for more information.

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