What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

Ghost Mannequin Photography is exactly how the name suggests, a method of fashion photography where the mannequin is edited out to form a 3D image of a product. To create the 3D image, photographers need to cover all angles of the garment or product before the post-production specialists can work their magic.

Read below to see how choosing Ghost Mannequin Photography can benefit your brand:

It’s Cost-effective
Ghost Mannequin or invisible mannequin photography is significantly cheaper than hiring a model for a traditional fashion advertising and eCommerce photography. Replacing a model with a mannequin is not only cost effective it also produces a consistency in style and composition for your products across all platforms, websites, brochures, lookbooks and more.

No Model, No Distractions
Capture and retain the attention of your target market without the distractions of models. It removes any bias or preference the viewer may have the appearance and posing of a particular model. Using Ghost Mannequin photography in your brand’s online store, brochures and lookbooks create an uncomplicated and genuine perception of your product range and brand by the viewers.

Although a blank slate, there is an incredible range of mannequins available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any product style or range. And due to the digital editing component of this method images are edited to suit your specific requirements, from background colours and styling to colour matching, lighting and more.

Shows a Realistic Fit
This photographic technique to ensure your online customers are provided with a comprehensive understanding of the real to life shape, colours, prints and patterns of your garments. Images are usually presented with a white background complete visibility of the inside and outside of the product.

Want to find out more how Ghost Mannequin Photography could work for your brand?
Take a look through our Ghost Mannequin Photography work on our website, contact us or pop in to have a chat with Mark and the team at our Alexandria Studios to boost your eCommerce sales and revenue today.

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