Launch…and it’s Live!

A brand’s website design inherently reflects its brand identity and plays a critical role in allowing companies to achieve a strong online presence. It is even considered an asset with the ability to drive business success and long-term viability. Therefore, developing an impressive user interface (UI) can convey a brand’s compelling features from its style, personality and overall look.

Here at Design Identity, we have a range of services offering website design customisation and development that captures customer attention and immerses them in your brand’s identity!

  • Planning

Design Identity works closely with all of our customers to ensure we understand your business’s needs and wants with a sit-down discussion with our creative director. From our discussion we can plan your website design and identify how to interact with the market through a streamlined process. In addition, we can take care of other services relating to your website design such as e-Commerce photography, for your products, as well as campaign shoots to add necessary detail to your home page.

  • Developing

Your website is the face of your company. Thus, it is crucial for your website to reflect your brand’s identity and personality consistently as well as be user-friendly and sustainable. Your website cannot just be aesthetically pleasing to the eye but must deliver your core objectives, sale and revenue strategies, history and business culture.

  • Testing

Our last step to create your website is testing, an essential part of controlling and reviewing the website internally before it goes live. We ensure that the web can run smoothly with no problems in order for customers to navigate efficiently and effectively.

A good-looking website is just the first step in ranking higher among competitors. Here at Design Identity, we ensure your website vividly portrays your brand’s personality, values and more so you can lay back and be assured that your website will be seen by everyone.

  • Launching

Now that your new website has been tailored to target your customer base as well as evocatively reflecting your brand’s personality, it is time to showcase your products on your user-friendly interface. Your new website will have easy backstage handling that will provide you and your business with easy access to improve and edit your website at your own accord.

Call us today for your website development or just send us an email! All the websites we design are built with the latest CMS which allows you to upload or edit images and texts easily. We also provide manuals to assist you in getting started.

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