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Professional Videography created at Design Identity is how you will connect with your customers. Use motion to showcase your product and receive instant attention from the target market!


At Design Identity, you will work with our extraordinary team who specialises in studio setup, location sourcing, professional equipment, booking models, hair & makeup, editing, styling and so much more. It is our goal to create a real-life portrayal of your product by highlighting the key features from multiple angels.

We at Design Identity will give your product a personality. Our creative team works intensively to capture your vision and to get your message to reach your target market. By creating a video advertisement your product will be in motion. As a result, this will give the customer an illusion of how the texture of your product is, how it feels and how it moves.


Design Identity recently worked with Bella Eco, where our professional videography team filmed an e-commerce video advertisement of their products.

The location of the shoot took place here at Design Identity’s own state of the art studio. For this videography, our highly dedicated team styled the studio setup, hired the models, and it is where we transformed and heightened the brand’s identity. As a result of using our own studio for Bella Eco, we manage to create a calm and open set to reflect what the brand stands for.

Bella Eco is a brand with key elements such as comfort, breathable, high performance, sustainability and eco-friendly. Our goal was to capture those key elements and feature them in this videography. It was, therefore, important for us that the environment in the studio reflected the natural and sustainable features of the brand. We achieved this by using a calm background and by using props to enhance what they represent.


As the professional video advertisement is created, why not do it both? Videography and Photography!
During the production of the videography for the Bella Eco campaign, our professional team also used photography to showcase the product.

Although videography allows you to introduce your product in a completely different way to the target market, photography is still a good method to use for showcasing your product. So when filming the video advertisement, we simultaneously used the same studio setup to capture Bella Eco products through photography.

The videography is itself about storytelling and presenting the product to the market with motions. However, by creating the photos alongside the videography, the customer can better visualise the product displayed in the photography due to the brand also presenting the product in a video. As a result, the target market will feel more connected with the product and with the brand.

Want your target market to feel connected with your brand?
Contact us here at Design Identity, and put your product into motion!

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