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We thought we’d let you in on an exclusive ‘Behind the scene’ video for a lookbook shoot. We’ll be showing you a couple of techniques we frequently use in our videography works, and the effects it can have!

Colour Correction

In videography, colour correction is when there is a change applied to the overall colour of a video, which can convey a certain tone or concept to it, depending on the colour. As you can see in this video, minimal colour correction has been applied to achieve a more cinematic feel, with a hint of blueish hue.

Graphic Transitions

Graphic transitions can be used as technical ‘bookends’ to start and finish off a video. The modern and sleek transition at the start of the video allows for a smooth and seamless shift from the introductory footage to a title shot, and the same transition used towards the end of the video provides, yet again, a smooth shift to the logo shot.

Speed Manipulations

To modify the duration of a footage, we can use speed manipulations to make it go faster or slower. Additionally, the speed of footages can be minutely manipulated in order to correspond to a certain time limit of the entire video or to make a shot last longer. Although almost unnoticeable, speed manipulation is being used in this video, with the intention to elongate a specific footage.

Colour Saturation, Brightness and Contrast

Besides colour correction, we have other ways of enhancing the overall colour of a video such as colour saturation and brightness & contrast adjustments. A footage can either be saturated or desaturated, and in this case, the video was desaturated. Essentially, desaturation takes away the colour, or the orange-ness, from the footage, which leads to an absence of warm tones and a stronger presence of cooler tones. By changing the saturation, we can make the video display a specific mood.

But besides desaturating the video, the level of contrast was set higher, which conveys a slight dramatic feel to the video since a high contrast results in brighter highlights and darker shadows. Along with contrast, the brightness level was increased so the overall tone of the video was not excessively dark. There are several techniques in videography, where even the slightest change to a video can change the vibe it gives off.

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