The Rebranding of an Australian Loved Brand

The Transformation of Fastway Couriers


Rebranding a nationally recognized company is a precarious task to undertake with their customer’s perception of their brand’s identity at risk. However, when done correctly there are numerous benefits and opportunities that come with it. This could introduce a new flow of customers along with their original customer base. The well-known courier company Fastway has decided to undertake this transformation. In an endeavour to expand and broaden their global shipping options. Therefore, Design Identity takes pride in partnering with soon to be Aramex, producing high-quality photography for their new brand.

With a new brand, comes a whole new look. Consequently, Fastway is saying goodbye to their red and blue and introducing a refreshing look of white and red. In addition, this means new product packaging and employee uniforms for the company. Here at our Alexandria based studio we transformed and captured these new products into a stunning portrayal of the friendly and trustworthy brand that we’ve known Fastway to be. Using genuine employees to showcase the crisp Bisley design of Aramex’s new uniforms.

Overall, it was a pleasure to be part of Fastways major rebranding journey. We wish them good luck in their future endeavours and hope that our images serve them well.

Rebranding photographyrebranding photography


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