Structural Shapes In Studio

Got any products you want to photograph with structural props?

Take a look at these structural figured props we have at our Alexandria studio for all your small product needs. Here we demonstrated how these props work with jewellery however, are able to work with any product. The structural shapes of spheres, cylinders and pillars create a sense of hierarchy drawing the viewers attention to the products while being aesthetically pleasing. These props can work with any product including skincare, makeup and nail polish just to name a few.

Having the props work with the lighting by creating beautiful shadows that elevate the photographs while adding dimension to the products and props. Additionally, the props are a great way to indicate the products true size. The white is a compelling and seamless approach that elevates the products without drawing away any attention. However, with editing we’re able to alter the colour of the props to any colour that you believe would work best with your wanted outcome.

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