See How We Get Our Groove On In The Studio

Take a look at this fun new shoot for these incredible earphones and speakers.

If only you were in the studio to see the spectacular chemistry and friendship these two have, instead you can see this chemistry shine through the images. It was great having Tiger Lily and Nathan in the studio as the energy in the room was high and energetic. There were many props and bright colours used throughout the shoot, which created a fun and creative atmosphere. The disco ball and bubbles added a playfulness while adding a narrative to the images.

Tiger Lily aka Dara, a famous DJ and a wellness enthusiast who found the perfect balance between her work and life. She does not stop to inspire and amaze the people around her. Along with the beautiful personality and upbeat attitude, Tiger Lily truly lit up the room with her big smile and natural glow!

The bright bold colours of orange, pink, purple and blue add to this playful and energetic shoot.  By paying close attention we always made sure the products were at the centre of every image and didn’t get lost in-between the props or background. As you can see every photograph is its own hero image while every pose and angle collectively work together. The contrasting colours between Tiger Lily’s blue and pink hair and the bright coloured backdrops create a complementary colour pallet throughout the images. This allows the earphones and speakers to really stand out and become the centre focus.  The enthusiastic facial expressions further depict the overall spirit of this campaign by grasping the excitement and engaging interactions between the product and people in the shoot.

As seen in the behind the scenes you can truly understand how much of a fun and energetic shoot this was. The energy was high and bright in every shot. The props truly added an extra element and narrative to the shoot, creating a high spirited atmosphere.

Take a look at our behind the scenes video that perfectly shows what we got up to during this shoot.

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