How do we put your product into motion?

The answer is, Professional Videography! And we highly recommend it. Why? It’s a great way to showcase your product and its key features is through a professional video advertisement. Whether the video is used for a campaign or for e-commerce purposes, we’ve got you covered! Here at Design Identity, we know that every product has its own unique way of being advertised, with its own concepts and message to be conveyed to your target market.

Because our professional video advertisements are meticulously created to perfection, we extensively specialise in studio setup, location sourcing, professional equipment, hair & make-up, styling, editing and more, to ensure that the video made for your product matches every element mentioned in the brief.

Our Process

With our incredible video production, we capture your product in real-time and illuminate its key features from multiple angles to replicate an identical portrayal of how your product would look like in real life, including the product’s texture and how it looks in motion.

Photography is still a fantastic way of showcasing your product, but videography is on a whole other level as it allows your product to be seen in motion.


Recent videography work

We recently filmed an e-commerce professional video advertisement for Cheeki’s reusable water bottles, which not only showcased the bottle’s key features, but the video also effectively reached out to their specified target market.

As we highly value and cherish our relationship with our clients, we aim to gain a strong understanding of the goals and requirements that they may have for this product’s video advertisement, as well as what concepts and designs our clients want.

The target market of Cheeki are people with an active lifestyle. To suit their concept, we chose an outdoor location in Alexandria that had an energetic dynamic and sporty vibe to it. It is, of course, entirely up to you whether you want your video filmed in our art studio or on location – with the same results from either place!

In video advertisements like this, we showcase how your product would look as if it was right in front of you, and how it functions in one’s day-to-day life by having a model to use the product in the video. For Cheeki, we highlighted the bottle’s ‘Dust cap’, ‘Tri-Tech lid’ & ‘Leakproof lid’ with text shots and a tagline that briefly described what each key feature holds.

What it can do for you

Besides showcasing your product and its key features, it is also our objective to incorporate your brand’s personality and values into the professional video advertisement. It’s important that your intended target market understands your brand’s personality, identity and the values it holds so that the message that you want to convey to them will be communicated much more effectively.

Explore more of our videography work on our website and see for yourself how our professional video advertisements can help your product!


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