Taking Product Photography to New Heights

Styled Flat lay
About This Project

Design Identity collaborated with an established makeup and cosmetics brand to showcase their newly launched airbrush legs illuminator and nail polish products. The models effectively showcased the product having had it applied to their feet and legs. A laidback relaxed tone was established through stylistic choices, this included ensuring the model’s legs were draped through the scene as opposed to being shot in a more uniform position. Her legs were purposefully positioned to direct the eye towards the focal products. For some of the images, a beachy or by the sea scene was set, whereas for other images a getting ready to go out or nightlife oriented theme was curated. This was done to showcase the products in a more diverse set of scenarios that resonate with the user’s everyday life and accentuate the versatility of the product. Props were utilised to enhance visual effect including towels, bikinis and the boardwalk inspired flooring for the beach setting, whereas shimmery fabrics and accessories like handbags were used to add a touch of glamour to the nightlife scenario.

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