Stylised Footwear Photoshoot

Campaign, Photography, Styled Flat lay
About This Project

Design Identity was thrilled to collaborate with a well-known footwear designer. Dynamic movement and artistic camera angles were the creative focus of this shoot. The simulation of movement was created by the model being photographed whilst walking in conjunction with expertly positioning her body so her garments draped in a flattering manner to frame the image. A significant portion of the images captured were shot from a low angle to ensure a close up of the intricate detailing on the shoes, simultaneously creating an intriguing perspective of the subject. The model was photographed from the neck down to ensure the focus remained on the footwear. A mixture of sports shoes and cocktail heels were photographed, therefore a different aesthetic needed to be developed for each style. From the outfit of the model to the backdrop and accessories, all were all expertly chosen to complement the aesthetic of the shoes.

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