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About This Project

A very sought-after service that Design Identity offers is e-Commerce unrecognisable model photography. As seen in the photos, for this shoot we focused on capturing each garment so that you would be able to visualise it on anybody. Pieces of clothing such as jumpers, dresses and blazers were perfect for the shoot as they are longer in length and unrecognisable model photography really allows you to see how they fit on a body.

Brands can choose to use unrecognisable model photography for several reasons as it provides a multitude of benefits. Unrecognisable photography means more continuity even if they decide to change models between each shoot. This type of photograph ensures that the product is the forefront of the photo, drawing them in to the very detail of the product rather than the model’s appearance. Using a model may be more distracting, therefore a photo without the model helps customers picture themselves in the clothing. This photographic approach therefore makes each photo very unique and captivating.

Some tips for unrecognisable e-Commerce photography are to use a neutral lighting and avoid any harsh shadows or irregularities that may be a distraction from the product. Another tip is to crop the image correctly so that it doesn’t look like the model has had their head removed! It is usually recommended that the photo be cropped under the nose to appear most visually appealing.

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