Dynamic Skincare Product Photography

Behind the Scenes, Campaign, Photography
About This Project

The team at Design Identity collaborated with Skin Control, an Australian owned skincare brand to help promote their newly launched products. The concept was to capture the easy to use yet effective products on offer to better the potential consumer’s skin. A laidback, relaxed atmosphere was established to recreate the images on the packaging and to embody the calmness associated with doing a skincare routine before bed.

The headshot photos show a connection between the product and the user, highlighting the products outside of its packaging. The close-up images focus on the product against the flawless quality of the model’s skin, encapsulating the quality and effectiveness of the product.

There is a consistent ambience between photos but still differentiations between each product enhanced through the colour palette, various backdrop colours and lighting. This helps capture the brand’s essence while showcasing the uniqueness of each product.

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