An eCommerce Shoot just as stylish as your brand!

Model Ecommerce
About This Project

 Here at Design Identity, we have recently collaborated with this fashion company to photograph their range of womens clothing clearly and effortlessly, with some minimal yet effective e-commerce photography.

We’ve provided the client with a range of full body shots, as well as more detailed shots of the tops and bottoms to showcase the designs of each individual garment. The poses show off the shape of the clothing, and how effortlessly stylish they look while being worn by the model. The off-white, tonal background adds to this sophisticated style while establishing the desired aesthetic for the company. The final shots carry through a consistent style in each photograph – ideal for any online clothing store.

A simple and easy process keeps it organised when there are multiple models in the studio. We’ll ensure your photoshoot goes smoothly, and your products look their best – it’s a great time for everyone when a shoot is on at Design Identity!

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