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Here in the heart of Alexandria, Design Identity’s studio is where it all happens. Every day, creative individuals work collaboratively to craft quality artistic representations of our clients’ brands and products.

But our goal isn’t only to capture the styles and features of your products, but also to be able to reflect your brand’s personality & values, and to tell a story. For this magic to happen, our team uses the six steps of photography







Our Services

Design Identity offers a vast range of services including photography, graphic design, customer web design & development, video advertising and photo retouching. To show you how our team uses multiple techniques to achieve a certain vibe, we’re taking you behind the scenes on our recent model lookbook/e-commerce shoot with a men’s fashion brand.

Intake & Prep

Before the shooting begins, our team carefully goes through three essential steps – intake, prep and styling. After you send your products to us, our experienced creative team begins the design process that involves several tasks like choosing the model and location, setting up backgrounds, steaming clothing as well as sourcing props for the shoot. By meticulously planning each component of the shoot, we can ensure that the many little details collectively mould into a masterpiece. We will make sure that your product takes centre stage.



And of course, after selecting the perfect model for the shoot, the team starts the styling process, including the model’s hair & makeup, direct model positioning and placement. It’s important that the styling of the model matches the concept of the shoot, but more importantly, matches your brand’s identity. With the right product placements and model positioning, our photographs can effectively help convey the message of your product and brand to your customers.


When photography is taking place, there are many settings involved that our experienced photography team will adjust such as lighting. In a shoot, we comprehensively ensure that all angles, close and long-range shots are covered, whichlets us capture every moment. This in turn, provides a vast amount of options that our team can later on choose and edit in the next step.

Post-Production & File Upload

After the shoot, our creative team begins to work on the shots in the post-production step, which focuses on re-touching. In this step, we can alter the lighting of the photograph to match a certain concept. How we edit your photos can all depend on the product function, your brand identity, and your target market. Low-key lighting can deliver a darker tone to the photograph as it accentuates shadows, whereas shadows are minimised in high-key lighting; exhibiting a brighter tone.

And when our creative team has finalised your photos, we deliver them to you, with a guarantee of a one-week turnaround time. All that is left for you to do, is to simply upload them to your platform!

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