PHOTOGRAPHY: 6 Steps for 1 Perfect Picture

Inside Design Identity Photo Studio

One picture can tell a thousand stories. Your brand is your story and it’s the most important story to tell. Design Identity is a creative studio revealing the 6 most important steps in a professional photo shoot to help you tell your story with the perfect picture.

At Design Identity, we strive for perfection in producing high-end photography for your brand campaign no matter the product, brand, or occasion. From handing in your product along with its brief to receiving the best image quality, our professional photography and styling team will take your products into the spotlight – and let them tell their own stories!

Here’s how the magic is done:

products by mail
  • Step 1: Intake Simply deliver your products to us by mail or drop them off at our Alexandria studio – leave the rest of it to our professional creative team.
  • Step 2: Preparation Whether it be model-choosing, clothes-steaming, background-setting, studio-lighting, props-sourcing, and location-hunting, we will assist you with all required photography process in-house and ensure that you will receive only the best results.
 creative stylist
  • Step 3: Styling  With model-based or product-based photography, we strive for perfection with their arrangements, placements, and displays.
creative studio
  • Step 4: Photography In our professional photo shoot we ensure the best lighting adjustments, angle-setting, and multiple shot ranges, Design Identity will provide multiple shot options for you to choose from.
  • Step 5: Post-production This is where the magic happens. Our experienced creative team will ensure that the editing and retouching process can enhance your brand’s identity and let your product takes centre stage.
  • Step 6: File upload Delivering you the images as your requested file type and template, boosting your website, EDM, and online catalogue just got a lot easier!

Interested in how our photography works?
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