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Detail is Key

The challenge of standing out against your competitors is one that plagues every industry and brand. And in this competitive market of brand development and advertising, attention to detail is the key to success. To push the boundaries of generic photography and elevate your Design Identity. Through the magic of photo retouching, this elevation can be achieved. 

At our studio in Sydney Alexandria, we strive to help each brand reach perfection. We offer state-of-the-art photo retouching services to communicate your brand’s personality and quality. Whether you wish to teleport your model out of our studio and onto the sunny blue shores of Hawaii or into a crowd filled sport stadium. Check out our sliders below and scroll left and right for the before and afters.

Or if you simply desire to heighten the explicit design of your product, Design Identity has you covered. Our creative team will ensure each image is polished, flawless and sharp to fit your design brief perfectly.

The process / How it happens

The team starts with your brief, we analyse your vision and begin to bring it to life in our high-tech photo studio. Once we have captured the perfect images our post-production team uses prestige colour graded screens to employ a number of our services. These range from 

fashion retouching
Ghost Mannequin Retouching

Deep etching, where your product is cut and distinguish from its background to convey its importance and capture the viewer’s attention.

Colour correcting, to bring consistency and accuracy between the images and your product.

Manipulation, which allows consumers to appreciate the real-life detail of the product by specifically enhancing the quality of the image.

Templating converts your images to the desired format as well as matches the image names to your style codes and databases.

Delivery is the final step of this hassle-free process where we send all files to an easy to access Dropbox for your enjoyment.  

After all the steps of the design process are completed the result is a photography masterpiece that will leave your audience in awe.

We specialise in numerous post-production fields. Including; Deep-Etch, Clipping Path, Colour Correcting, Image Masking, Vector Graphics, and Image Manipulation. These features can be applied to jewellery, Fashion, model, Flat-lay, ghost mannequin and product photography. All of which elevate your brand image and provide quality images for advertisements.

photo retouching

Check out more of our photo retouching work on our online brochure or contact us today for a free quote.

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