This beautifully refined fashion brand came to our studio to help express the elegant features of the brand and sell their clothes online.

Our team came together with the head photographer, carefully selecting a lavish hotel room and the model from an agency. These elements were combined to bring this 70’s inspired shoot together, communicating the brands identity in the best possible way.


The model is dressed in a velvet beige dress, strappy black heels and diamond earrings. Elegantly captured, the soft light in combination with the many reflective surfaces and materials in the luxurious hotel room create depth and beautiful textures. The warm, gold and bronze tones seamlessly combine together with the brands style. These features complement one another with ease and instantly express sophistication and glamour.

The velvet material and warm brown tones we used throughout the shoot are reminiscent of the 70’s and create a nostalgic, yet sophisticated feel. The leather pants in combination with a velvet blazer, white top and delicate jewellery create a modern twist to the overall style.

Denim on Denim

This was an iconic trend from the 1970’s. We placed an emphasis on the neon sign when taking these shots and attentively incorporated a variety of details in the final look. The leather handbag with matching brown heels were selected, as they work well with the brown fur detail on the denim jacket. The different accessories are incorporated to dress up an otherwise more casual look, tying it into the overall look and feel of the shoot. This shot is cleverly thought out and adds playfulness and charisma, representing the brands spirited persona, while still ensuring that it works well in unification with the overall feel of the brand.

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