Nothing is Too Big to Fit into Our Frame! Furniture Photography by Design Identity

We believe maximising a product’s features in photography and post-production is the key to more sales and returning customers. At Design Identity we take your product and create art in the form of a photograph regardless of the size. When it comes to furniture photography no product is too big or too heavy.

Here at our spacious open-plan warehouse studio located at Alexandria Sydney. We provide top-quality photography services in a professional and enjoyable atmosphere here at our studio. Our easy-access roller shutter door and large parking space make it hassle-free when it comes to photo shooting large items like Furniture.

We aim to highlight the characteristics and bring out the usually missed details of your products. The colour, texture, and pattern. All the visual elements that matter to you… Matter to us. With our professional and friendly Design Identity team. You will get exactly what you want… and more.

Call us today to discuss a customised imaging solution for your furniture business!


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