Our product photography collaboration with Myer involved highlighting each individual product and its unique attributes. The photography styles included close up shots to show the details of materiality and its quality, communicating all available information to the customer. By including closeups of the stitching, tags and button or zip details, the customer experience is maximised, ensuring they know exactly the features of the product they will be purchasing.

The closeup of the heels emphasise its patent leather materiality and its clasp opening while the sneaker photography accentuates the shape of the shoe and the detail in its layers and leather materiality. The shots of the wallet involve detailing its interior functions, showing off its secure all-around zip, branded lining and extra compartments. The bag photography features its patterned fabric body with its contrasting, solid black leather handles. The bold shape is perfect as a statement accessory for work or an event.

Our photographers ensure high quality throughout the entire process, from the initial stages to post processing and its final production. The editing process involves background removal, colour correcting and lighting editing to ensure the quality and accuracy of the product is reflected. Once the process is complete, the images are ready to be shared across websites and social platforms.

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