Why we Love Model Photography (And you Should, too)

With more and more consumers choosing to shop online – user experience and accurate product representation is key to converting website visitors to happy customers. This move to online shopping means that consumers are reliant on detailed product descriptions and product imagery when making their purchasing decisions.



Model photography covers a wide range of photography projects that can be used to promote your clothing line or personal accessory range. A recent survey found that over 50 per cent of consumers said that products displayed on models may influence their decision to purchase an item.



Bringing a client’s product to life using model photography gives it a dynamic and real-life feel and tells your brand story in a way that evokes emotion and turns browsers into buyers. This is why we love it, and you should, too.

What is Model Photography?

A carefully crafted Model Photography project will weave a story around your fashion line or product taking your prospective buyer on a visual journey. It’s generally used for fashion but can be used for jewellery or other personal accessories. A professional photographic agency can develop and execute an entire photographic campaign based on your brief. And there’s many different ways model photography can be used.


Men’s fashion photography

Different Types of Model Photography

Your story is unique to your brand. And depending on your product, one or more of these options can help with the storytelling aspect of your photography campaign.

With creative and strategic direction by our expert team, we can advise on the ones that will speak to your customers.

  • Men & Women & Kids – From finding the right model to creating a character within the photo shoot, we produce imagery that captures your brand and connects with your buyer.
  • eCommerce – Gone are the days of customers relying on bricks and mortar stores to get a better look at your product. Use high-quality targeted imagery and make it work for you. Realistic representation and attention todetail are critical in the online shopping space.
  • Lookbook – A set of images with a consistent message that take the viewer on a visual journey. This style entices the buyer to be part of the vision of your brand.
  • Catalogue – As the first visual of your product, catalogue images are carefully captured and chosen to compel a buyer to find it instore or online.
  • Advertising – Images that meld seamlessly into your overall advertising campaign. Print or online – use a professional photographer to ensure your product has the right focus for where it will be seen.
  • Campaign – A set of images creatively designed to attract your ideal buyer.



What Makes a Successful Model Photography Shoot?

Consistency in delivering your brand message is key. As a full-service model photography agency in Sydney, we do this by producing your shoot from initial concept through to final delivery. Creative and strategic direction, styling, photography, and post-production editing are done in-house by experienced professionals. And our industry contacts and relationships mean we can source the perfect location and find the right models to deliver a project that aligns with your brand personality and connects with your customers.


Increase Buyer Confidence and Boost Sales

High-quality visual images give a buyer confidence in their purchasing decision. They want to see dynamic images and attention to detail before hitting the button. Finding the right style of model photography for your product is easy when you know how.


Have you been looking for Model Photography in Sydney? We’d love to tell your brand story. Contact us today to chat about visual imagery that connects and converts.


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