The Importance of Refreshing Your Branding

If you look at the world’s leading brands such as Apple or Microsoft, over time, they have in some way altered their company branding. Whether it is every two years or ten years, you can visibly see the progression from where they were and where they are now. The reasoning behind refreshing a company’s branding can be due to various reasons, and the single most crucial purpose is to reflect the company’s current status. Regarding Apple and Microsoft, they continue to strive to modernise and push the boundaries of technology and software, and their logo, for example, needs to reflect that.

Effective Branding should:
• Express your company’s goals and values
• Unique and easily distinguishable
• Deliver a message
• Connect with your target market

This is not to say your current brand strategy did not at the time of conception check each of those boxes. However, company goals can change, target markets change and usually so do the company’s product range.

Why you may need a brand refresh:

Your Design Is outdated
It no longer reflects your company’s goals. Your company wants to change direction from one market to another.

Your products don’t relate to your branding
For example, a modern fashion line with an outdated logo. Would you believe that the company was truly dedicated to bringing the latest fashion?

You’re not reaching the right audience
Whoever your target market is, an unpolished or bland logo is not attractive to your any audience.
At Design Identity, we design and deliver branding for start-up companies as well as those who want to give their company or product branding a facelift; may it be a subtle or major refurbishment.
Let us help your company get the exposure it deserves with our talented team of graphic designers and brand consultants. To find out more contact us!

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