How to create 3D image effect on a Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Photography A cost-effective 3D method to give your products more versatility and exposure

Ghost Mannequin, or Invisible Mannequin photography is a great method for e-commerce fashion businesses to advertise their products in a high quality and uniformed way. With detailed 3D images, customers have a complete understanding of each product which assists in decreasing the quantity of returned orders, and simply gives more satisfaction to customers through a superior online shopping experience. Ghost Mannequin photography allows the customer to see each product with a 3D realism that can be lost on models or in flat lay photography.

How to Achieve Professional Ghost Mannequin Photography

Our high-end studios in Alexandria, Sydney, specialises in Ghost Mannequin photography and has all the tools to give our clients great quality, professional images that show off their products with consistent results. Read our step-by-step guide below to learn how we achieve the Invisible Mannequin technique using a garment as an example.

The Process

  1. Style the garment on a mannequin in the desired pose. The initial pose is usually a standard front-on shot to get a good view of the front of the garment. Getting a straight and forward angle is important.
  2. Put the product on a hanger and shoot the back of garment using the same white background used for the front shot.
  3. Capture the intricate details both outside and inside of the garment. This includes the inside lining and tag in the neckline. These details need to be captured for final editing, to construct additional symmetry and visual satisfactory.

The Final Look

Our photographers at Design Identity have specialised knowledge and experience in producing detailed Invisible Mannequin photographs to give your products the 3D exposure they need for customers to make the best-informed purchases.

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