Headshot & Event Photography: Etail Expo

Large, conference-type events are always in need of an experienced and professional photographer, not only for memory’s sake, but also for future marketing and exposure opportunities.

If you’re hosting a convention and need top-notch headshot and event photography services, our team at Design Identity have got you covered. Most recently helping out at the Etail Expo, our expert photographers are well-versed in capturing the perfect headshot and event photo.

The Etail Expo, as the name suggests, is a conference and trade show for online retailers. As part of the expo, Design Identity was engaged to provide professional photography services for all attendees and exhibitors.

Our team set up a makeshift studio in the exhibition hall and proceeded to snap away at all the excited business people in attendance. The results were fantastic, with everyone leaving the studio with a great headshot that they could use for their business profile or LinkedIn page.

If you’re hosting an event and need photography services, Design Identity is the perfect company for you. With years of experience in event and headshot photography, we know how to capture the perfect shot that will make your guests look they are blending right into the crowd yet also understanding the best moments to pop out and snap a photo, our photographers will make sure to capture the essence of your event. From small, intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences, our team can handle any event photography brief.

Simply check out our work at the Etail Expo and rest assured that we’ll provide you with the same high quality and affordable photography services at your event.

We are Sydney’s experts who create high-quality content for advertising, online model imagery, website design and development, graphic design and videography. For any enquiries, contact us on (02) 8339 0130 or email us at bookings@designidentity.com.au

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