Graphics: Your Business’ First Impression

“If you’re in a business, you’re in the business of graphic design.”

Graphic design is essentially communicating between your business and your audience. Therefore it is critical to make business designs that create a positive and lasting impression. The first graphic a consumer sees maybe a business card, logo, an online ad, or your recent social media posts. Here at Design Identity, we strive for perfection to make the best designs that reveal the story of your brand and creates favourable first impressions. 

Regardless, if you have a clear vision of your designs or you need some help coming up with one, we’ve got you sorted. Whether it be a logo design or total rebranding. We are ready to take your brief and transform it into works of art – exactly the way you want it to be! Our best graphic designers can convey your brand’s style, values, and personality through the designs we create.

Design Identity creates the best designs no matter what your product is.

So how can Design Identity help you?

  • Firstly the briefing. This is where our team researches and analyses the key features of your brand. Including the current logo, product range, target markets, as well as competitor analysis.
  • Research and collaboration between creative geniuses in constructing your brand’s analysis.
  • A strategy-developing process where we incorporate research into our work and emphasise on the brand’s indicative features. This maximises the brand’s personality and attractiveness.
  • Design, where we connect your briefs to the brand’s message – communicating your product’s purpose and your brand’s story.
  • The artwork is where we do our magic! From simple retouches to creative editing for large media formats, we ensure to produce precise results you’re after.

After completing the graphics process, we’re ready to instil the approved design. These can be placed on to your business cards, catalogues, brochures, website pages, or EDMs – both in print and digital!

Visit our website at, to view more of our work or contact us (02) 8339 0130 for more information!

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