This youthful and fresh campaign with this skincare company explored both styled product and model shoots.

The light and neutral colour palette along with the touches of pinks, blues and purples add a sense of youthfulness and radiance to the overall results. The products colour palette along with the styling throughout the shoot are complementary to each other. Thus, elevating the product in a simple yet effective style that brings out attention to the products and the model’s radiant skin.

It was smile’s all-day round as the models have the most contagious smiles that really shines through the images. The styled product shots with the cube-shaped props strongly created a composition that had hierarchy resulting in a fresh campaign shoot. Again, colour coordinating between the props and the products added to this notion of simplicity and youthfulness.

What happens behind the scenes?

We also love to regularly capture how our campaigns are shot before and during the shoot, to showcase authenticity and how each shoot is prepped. Additionally,  to allow us to look back on what a successful and fun day it was!

Behind the scenes shots are vital to include because it focuses on the model’s facial expressions and body language rather than the featured product. Here, she is calm with her eyes closed, skin glowing naturally, allowing the make-up artist to do a bit of touching up.

Here is another BTS shot taken on the same day. The focus has shifted to our photographer’s camera screen which reveals the different camera angles capturing the model.

Final Video:

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