Fashion photoshoot for Tailored Men’s Wear – See How We Did It!

This week we got the opportunity to help a famous global Australian-owned menswear brand. With a new season just around the corner, the brand launched their new winter collection which was used for their online store.

As seen in video footage, Design Identity supported the brand with a styled and edited full cover fashion shoot. After receiving the products, the entire shoot process then began. This consisted of unpacking, hanging and steaming the garments. Once the preparations were complete, the styling was set into place with hair, makeup and lighting, ready for the photographer to work his magic. This was followed by editing, retouching and finalising the project according to clients desires.

By having a thorough insight to the client, we honoured their specific needs of being a tailored and high-quality brand. On set, we worked dynamically to get the recognition they deserve, and we couldn’t be prouder of the following outcome.


We take pride in any job and value our clients.

Here at Design Identity, we make sure your products are captured in their best light, so your consumers can fully experience the products online and be satisfied after shopping on your site.
With our highly professional team and comprehensive studio, we can cover all aspects of online content and customer experience.

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