EZZ Hair Campaign Shoot

Recently at Design identity, we helped EZZ hair care and wellness with a photoshoot for their new hair care collection which they’ve launched.

EZZ is a health and wellbeing and hair care brand which focus’ on genomic research from which the mission they’ve created for their brand uses their research to create the best and healthiest products for their customers in order to help improve the overall quality of life and health of humans in general.

To ensure that our team captured the natural beauty of EZZ new hair care products we collaborated with them to create the best and most natural aesthetic, keeping things as simple as possible to avoid any distractions from our final result and to direct eyes towards the products which are featured. Thanks to our team of talented creatives who helped provide a clear creative direction as to which way the clients want to go and recommendations of what we think looks best we were able to successfully complete an efficient and productive shoot.


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    Our photographer at Design Identity helps give recommendations to our clients that help set the scene for campaigns and should deliver great results. With tons of knowledge and experience in important aspects photography which are going into their campaign such as lighting, background, creative direction etc. By having a rather clear plan and general idea of the desired final result in mind, our photographer is typically able to provide our clients with and help execute the creative direction in which clients wish to move.

    After our photographers’ learned what our clients want from their shoot and has helped guide clients in the right direction, ensuring we get every single detail, angle and shot desired. Once we receive the shots and details we need, the campaigns are then sent off to our retouching staff who help to make the best they can possibly be.

    At Design Identity we always aim to satisfy our clients and do our best to ensure that we do the best work we can do no matter how big or how small the project may be.

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