DIGITAL We design websites that aren’t only beautiful to look at but are specifically tailored to your business and to bring in sales and revenue.


The way your product is captured reflects not only the features and style of your product but also your brand’s personality and values. This is why your brand’s photography is more important than capturing the right light on a dress. Instead, it is the whole story a photograph can tell. We meticulously plan the light, colour, props, model choice, positioning and more to show your brand’s story.


We allow you to dictate how much involvement you have in your photography campaign, whether you choose to drop off your product with a brief or if you want to come in and soak up the atmosphere. At Design Identity, we are truly a one-stop shop, taking the stress and effort out of your product photography from models, props, photography to editing we do it all.


Our team of professional photographers and stylists work together to design and capture commercial photography no matter what the product, brand or occasion. From complete campaigns, Ghost Mannequin, Flat Lays to headshots our team treats every project like their own. With the option to be shot in our state of the art studio or on location! You choose!




We work closely with you to understand your business, its needs, wants and product range. After all, we want to deliver a site that performs well for both you and your customers. From your brief, we identify key features to be translated into your website design including the current logo, product range, target markets and any particular examples of competitor sites.



From identifying your target market to choosing the colour of your website, we don’t do anything by halves. We make sure that your business has branding and your products are professionally photographed and ready to go up on your website.



Your company’s logo is the face of your business, and the same thing goes for your website’s design. Not only does it need to reflect your brand’s identity and personality consistently but it also needs to be user-friendly.  We develop responsive websites so your customers can access them anywhere or at any time.



We don’t think it’s enough to simply look good, your site has to deliver your core objectives, maximise your revenue and drive sales. So, while everyone else just concentrates on design, we concentrate on how your business functions and your customers.



We make sure your website is working effortlessly allowing you to make sales and revenue. We check double check, triple check every segment of your website to make sure your consumers can visit, navigate and purchase as soon as it is life.



The best part. Your website has now been designed to target your consumers, reflect your brand personality, display your product range and is user-friendly. Time for lift off and to make your website live. If you need help, we offer lessons and a manual!