Originally a small luxury fashion brand created in Sydney, Joe Bananas has quickly developed and established their unconventional brand image with their colourful and unique textiles. From Hawaiian t-shirts to custom-made suits, each piece of clothing draws inspiration from the natural beauty of Australia.



With their vibrant aura, they attract customers from all around the world, including one highly notable client – Sir Elton John. With the great number of loyal customers, it is no surprise that Joe Bananas has achieved great success throughout the years as the brand continues to soar. Since then Joe Bananas has expanded their store count, opening in the heart of New York City !



We have had the pleasure of working with Kim and Evan over the past few years – in particular, D! has shot several ghost mannequin photography works for the brand. So, what is ghost mannequin photography? It is a unique method of fashion photography that displays the 3D image of a product by editing out the mannequin. In a way, ghost mannequin photography is a hybrid of flat-lay and model photography. This form of fashion photography is cost-effective as a model will not be required. But it is still able to show a realistic fit of the product, with the real-life shape, colours, prints and patterns of your garments clearly shown.

Check out our previous post to read more about Ghost Mannequin Photography and its benefits, or visit our D! website to view more of our work.


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