Cheers to Drinks on Set

Nothing better than having a refreshing beverage during the summer days. We loved shooting this drink company as we were able to style the bottles with fruit and flowers to create a styled product flat lay. The composition of the images allows the products to be the main focus while seamlessly creating a stylish flat lay.

The bright coloured fruit in front of the coloured backdrop pops, which then draws our focus to the centre. The bright colours of pink and green are on trend along with the brown-toned bottles combining an earthy and playful colour palette. The behind-the-scenes of this photoshoot consisted of preparing the props as well as making and styling the cocktails. It was defiantly all hands on deck when it came to styling.

Take a look at how we achieved these beautiful images for this organic drink. By playing around with the backdrop colour and lighting creates a vibrant and bold shoot. The blackboard with the cut-out rectangle in the middle allows us to direct the light in a certain position. During this shoot, we made sure there was a more direct light on the bottle’s logo and branding. You can see in the images below that we prepared the fruit and vegetables while meticulously arranging these along with the flowers in a composition that creates a hierarchy narrative, with the bottles being the centre focus. Throughout the shoot we paid close attention to details including no smudges or fingerprints on the bottles or glass, we achieved this by wearing fabric gloves.

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