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A day of furniture photography in Alexandria Studio

Here at Design Identity, we provide the best of both worlds! With quality photography services as well as a professional and enjoyable atmosphere. And when it comes to furniture photography we make no exceptions. The idea of lugging numerous sets of furniture around all day into a complex and overcrowded studio could send anyone mad. So we guarantee to provide a service that is just as accessible and comfortable as your furniture.

We start the day by unloading your products. This normally burdensome task is simplified with our industrial-sized garage door positioned right next to our all-day parking space. Allowing your larger furniture items to be transported with speed and ease.

Daisy the Spoodle

We then begin to prepare your products for shooting, checking every detail to ensure perfection. Our skilled photographers begin to correct the lighting and camera angles. We diligently work to capture each angle, detail and texture of the furniture. With your brief or in-studio advice guiding our every choice.

Our team checks for quality and consistency whereas our in-studio spoodle checks for smiles and belly rubs.

Once each item has been captured we neatly repack it so it’s ready to go at the end of the day. The images are then transferred to our post-production team who apply some finishing touches.

The outcome is exquisite furniture photography that allows the customers to appreciate the texture, feel and comfort of your products. So while you sit down and relax will ensure you experience the finest of photography experiences.

Please take a look at our online brochure for more examples or contact us today for a free quote.

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