Capturing The Catwalk

There is no doubt that visual representations of a product will boost sales. That’s why every eCommerce website you visit will provide you with hundreds of photos revealing their products in different colours and from different angles. But is simple photography as far a business can push this resource?

At Design Identity we desire to help you further capitalise on the direct correlation between visual exposure and sales. Therefore we have introduced ‘Fashion Catwalk Videography’. This is a videography and advertising technique that challenges the boundaries of fashion eCommerce and brings the consumer closer to their desired clothing item.

How it works

Fashion Catwalk Videography works with numerous categories of clothing, however, it does work especially well with menswear. For our recent fashion catwalk videography shoot we teamed up with a popular, high-end suit brand. The model first poses for general model photography shots and then we seamlessly transition into Catwalk videography. With our top of the line equipment used to capture the model. Generally, the catwalk will proceed as follows; the model walks into view, completes a turn revealing a 360° view of the garment before walking out of view. Offering different poses or movements that elevate the attitude of your product. And it’s as simple as that! The videography will be coded according to your databases and can be easily embedded into your website to provide a magical representation of the garment. 


Overall, Fashion Catwalk videography distinguishes and elevates your products from competitors. It allows customers to move closer to the garment and see how it moves and flows. The 360° view reveals every angle of your item and will encourage customers to trust in its quality. Catwalk videography is the future of eCommerce fashion and here at Design Identity, we are offering a competitive edge to stand out and be successful.

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