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Behind the Scenes: Swimwear Photography

So much is happening here at Design Identity, and we are giving you a sneak peek on what we have been up to. Not long ago we had a swimwear fashion photography shoot here in our own state of the art studio.

Design Identity is Sydney’s leading creative advertising agency, and brands choose us because of it. For the swimwear fashion photoshoot, we did an e-commerce and a social style shoot. And, we took care of everything!

It is important for us at Design Identity to bring your vision into reality, but also make the process a stress free one. Our experienced creative team meticulously plan everything down to a tee, so you don’t have to.


There are many steps in the photography process, and Design Identity’s team works effortlessly so you don’t have to worry about this. However, it is your choice how involved you want to be in the process!

For the preparation for the swimwear shoot, we made sure that not only the product would be captured, but also the brand’s personality and values. One of the steps to ensure this was choosing the right models to represent the swimwear fashion brand. It is important to choose a model that will accurately showcase your product to the customers. And, D! can help you with sourcing for the perfect model to represent your brand.


Our professional photography team captures the product from a range of angels. It is important to produce many options to be edited and viewed during the final step of the photography process. However, in order to create the perfect photography, you need an eye for details, which D! has.

The Details
As mentioned, the details behind the scene are important. At the swimwear fashion shoot, D!’s highly dedicated team sat up the right lighting and the perfect background to ensure that the details of the product would be in focus. They also focused their attention on the even smaller details, such as steaming of the clothing, the styling of the hair & makeup, model positioning & placement, down to serving coffee & snacks if needed.


Once the swimwear fashion photoshoot was completed, the photography was forward to our talented post-production team for the last step of the process. Photo retouching! Their talent is to retouch the photography, so the features of the product are in even more focus and illuminated. Essentially, photo retouching is the art of correcting lights, shadows, colours, background, and more. And, the Design Identity team is the best in the field!

With all the steps of the process completed, the result is a photography masterpiece!
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