3 Common Photography and Retouching Mistakes You Are Making

Photography and photo-retouching are important skills individuals should learn in today’s age of digital and visual communication. Especially in the case of business owners who need to incorporate high-quality photos into their business. There are a few common photography and retouching mistakes that you can’t afford to make.

Keep reading below to learn what common mistakes you may be making and how you can fix them.

As photography and editing are valuable techniques to learn during these times where online sales are at the forefront for businesses. The team at Design Identity wanted to talk about some of the most common mistakes you might be making without realising.

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Fixing shooting mistakes with post-processing

A common mistake photographers might make when taking and producing photos is fixing shooting mistakes with post-processing. This is especially frequent in last-minute product shoots where you are in a rush and pressed for time. However, even if you feel that you do not have the time to take the best photos, it is important that you are not impatient and make the mistake of over-relying on post-production.

Although techniques such as selective colouring and artificial blurring may look fine in moderation, they cannot fix outright shooting mistakes and magically turn mediocre photos into sensational ones. As a result, be sure to take your time when shooting and not to overcompensate during post-processing.

Example done right

Poor background removal

When it comes to product photos, it’s best to have clean, clear, and sharp images. Techniques to achieve this, with background removal must be utilised to produce the highest quality photos. Poor background removal can have a large negative impact on your photos and is important to be precise so that the images are clear and smooth.

The easiest way to prevent poor background removal is to take your time and approach the task with an eye for detail. You can use tools such as photoshop to help you remove backgrounds in photos – however, don’t over-rely on the computer software and tidy up the edges as you see fit.


Example done right


When it comes to photography and retouching, it may be tempting to use photoshop to enhance the quality of your photos’ subjects and models. While photoshop can definitely improve the visual quality of your photos, it may also make a negative impact on your photos if you get carried away. This is especially common in cases where a person is the subject of a photo.

Although applying ‘beauty treatments’ with photoshop is quite common in the photography industry, be mindful of how you use these treatments. If you overuse techniques such as skin blurring, your photo may end up looking unrealistic and out of place. As such, it is important that you find the right balance for incorporating photoshop into your photos without over-photoshopping.

If you are looking to improve your photography and retouching skills, you can start by reducing the number of common mistakes you might make. The three listed above are a few of the most frequently made mistakes beginners in photography may be making. Be sure to avoid making them to improve the quality of your photography.

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